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Why Radiation?

Cancer cells create a serious health problem because of their uncontrolled growth. It is their rapid growth that makes cancer cells susceptible to radiation treatment.

What about normal tissues?

At RadiantCare, state-of-the-art equipment is used to direct high-energy X-rays to your cancer while sparing the healthy tissues as much as possible.

What happens at my initial visit?

A radiation oncologist (cancer doctor specializing in radiation) will review the details of the case and explain the ways in which radiation might be beneficial in your fight against cancer. Your treatment will not start at this visit, except in cases that are deemed “emergent” by your physicians.

How many treatments will I receive?

The exact number of treatments will be determined by your radiation physician and is designed to best meet the treatment goals. Most patients need daily treatment for five to eight weeks. Symptom relief for pain control may require only one to three weeks of treatment.

When do I start treatments?

If radiation is felt to be beneficial for you, an appointment for treatment planning (simulation) will be scheduled at our Lacey facility. At this visit, a CT scan will be used to map out the region where treatment will be delivered. Once computer planning is completed, our staff will contact you about when your daily treatments will begin.

Who will deliver the treatments?

A team of nationally-certified radiation therapists, our physicians and clinical staff will work with you to deliver precise treatment in a supportive, caring environment.

Excellence in patient care is our commitment. We strive to provide a supportive atmosphere of compassion, dignity and hope for our patients, their families, and our community